Monday, 18 March 2013

Veggie Tales

I just turned on the t.v. as I sat down to type here.  I'm not sure which channel it's on, but the program is a documentary on the making of goat cheese.  So now all I can think is, "Mmmmmm... goat cheese...."

Okay, focus McMuffintop, focus.

I went away for a few days and managed to squeeze in morning work outs due to bringing my work out gear and laptop (with Jillian Michaels videos on it).  I also did not gorge myself on delicious treats (although I could have).  My only indulgence was a beer on Thursday evening, and it hardly counts because it was one of those Molson Canadian Sublime thingies.  67 calories, thank you very much.

I'm beginning to tire of salads at almost every meal though, so I need to start thinking of new ways to eat vegetables.  Ironically, someone on the Weight Watchers message boards posted a similar comment about veggies a few days ago and I suggested making a vegetable soup.  I suppose I should follow my own advice, but I'm not in much of a soup mood right now either.

Anyway, with getting tired of salads and not having many other vegetable options in the house, I haven't eaten much in the way of veggies today at all, and my stomach is making it known.  It is 7:00 p.m., I just ate dinner an hour ago (a small plate of high fibre pasta with meat sauce) and my belly is yelling at me for more food.  And yes, I have had plenty of water. 

What to do, what to do?

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