Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day ... Love Yourself!

Since Mr. McMuffintop is away for work purposes on this Feb. 14th, I will be spending the afternoon with a good friend snowshoeing (YAY for exercise!) followed by a healthy dinner (YAY for friends who are dieticians!), ONE 4-oz glass of red wine, and 4 delicious squares of dark chocolate (YAY for reasonable indulgences!).

Simply perfect...

Something I am discovering on this weight loss journey is that one reason I have been overweight for most of my life is that I have not loved myself enough, so today I am putting negative self-talk out of my mind and celebrating ME!  Celebrating how excellent it is that I have lost over 13 lbs so far.  Celebrating that I am a good person and how lucky Mr. McMuffintop is to have me (btw, I am totally lucky too - he is the most wonderful Mr. a woman could have).

If you want to start loving yourself too (and why shouldn't you?  YOU ARE AMAZING!), check out this great article: How To Love Yourself in 17 Ways.  Happy Valentine's Day!

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