Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Excuses I've made in the past for eating badly/not exercising/not trying to lose weight:

- I'm too tired to exercise.

- I ate <insert bad meal choice here> anyway so I might as well have dessert too.

- Exercising will make my blood sugar drop too low.

- If I get pregnant I'm going to gain weight anyway and I will just have to diet/exercise all over again.

- (On days when the scale isn't showing progress) What's the point?  I'm not losing anything anyway.

- It's a special occasion, I deserve to eat as much as I want today.

- I don't have time to work out.

- It's raining/snowing/too cold/too hot outside (when Mr. McMuffintop suggests going for a walk).

- It's too hard (when I try an exercise I have trouble with).

I'm sure there are many more excuses, so I may periodically come back to this list as time goes on to add to it.  Coming up next time:  Reasons to Ignore the Excuses!

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